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Post by KeoTheLegend on Sun Jul 23, 2017 11:43 am

What is Extremam Rationem?
Good question. It's an environmental horror puzzle game with worlds where the logic seems to disobey the rules you used to know. A weird collection of worlds where you come across an artifact and use it to manipulate the environment and interact with the creatures within them. At the project's current stage it is only a DOOM Engine Pwad but I'm looking to possibly expand it to the GLOOME engine or even to revamp it into a full fledged game. Although the project currently requires Doom2 assets and the GZDoom or Zandronum Source Port to run. It started out as a Doom project I made out of boredum back in 2014 and throughout the 3 years has become an on and off serious project. I'm aiming to finish Extremam Rationem in some form before the end of this year.

Who's working on this?
Currently myself and Scooter. We're still looking for people to help work on the project. PM or email me if you're interested. You can also email the ExtremamRationem@gmail.com address, but I more or less check my email and my pm box and might not immediately remember to check that email too.
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